„Auf ihrem Debüt-Album lässt die junge Pianistin Aurelia Shimkus mit bereits bemerkenswert ausgeprägter Technik und Musikalität aufhorchen“ (September 2013)

CD des Monats November mit Höchstbewertung im Magazin PianoNews

„What a debut! Being just 15 years old, the Latvian pianist Aurelia Shimkus plays three great pianistic masterpieces with a sovereignty and a creative power that one can only marvel at. And she also has an interesting subject: the development of the scherzo during the 19th century in three striking examples. A hit!“

(Klassik Newsletter)

„So young and already so good! This debut album is a great promise. Even more – an announcement(..) She demonstrates the richness of the nuances of her touch and her technical perfection in the brisk movements at the very best. In about five years, she can be at the very top!“

(Wiener Zeitung)